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Welcome to the Machineborn guild website.

We are a new guild for Rift, founded during the headstart of the game. Machineborn is about having fun, and about exploring what Rift has to offer, together with friends. We aim to be not the biggest guild, but what we think is the best guild - a place that is friendly to players from all walks of life, casual and serious alike. We strive to be respected and well-liked, not because of fame or because we're worried that people will hate us, but because in the end, this game is about people and about having fun.

Our main policy has always been 'People over classes/players'. Playing skill can be learned, and the character you play as your main can be changed, but being a good person - that's not something we can teach you, but rather an important part of finding a home with the Machineborn. We expect maturity and good behavior from our members, and in return we can offer a stable, and well organized home for them while they play Rift.

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Update to last post.
By thecipher, Apr 2, 11 4:46 AM

Seems the itemlinks are iffy still. I installed the script, tested it (it worked), and started making posts... and now it's not working. It's late though, so I'll look into it more tomorrow.

ZAM Itemlinks added!
By thecipher, Apr 2, 11 3:55 AM

Allrighty, as you probably know, ZAM has their database up, and it's being endorsed by Trion, so we'll have to assume it's safe. Seeing as that's the case, I have added itemlink functionality to the guild site. Here's how to use it:

When you go to make a post, you'll get the familia... Read More

Guild information edit 1!
By thecipher, Feb 23, 11 1:27 PM

I have added two new menu options: Guild Rules, and Guild Ranks and Benefits. While the names of the ranks are subject to change, the rules as posted are what we will be basing the guild on in the future. I have chosen to make all the rules public to everyone to see... Read More

Guild information added!
By thecipher, Feb 23, 11 11:04 AM

I've put up some basic information about the guild - Our rules and ranks and such. Please note that these have been transplanted from the guild that Kemican and myself used to run in WoW, which was quite a bit larger (100+ active members), so some of the rules might seem a bit obtuse. The ruleset th... Read More

Guild site up and running... sort of.
By thecipher, Feb 23, 11 3:45 AM

Got the site up and running, have been messing around with the layout tonight - It's fairly far from done yet, but I can hopefully get things sorted over the next day or two.

Next on my to-do list is adjusting the content on the site, so that we have what we need, and get rid of wha... Read More

We are currently looking for new members of all classes.
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